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Help with 
childcare costs

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Help With Childcare Costs

Here at Early Learners we want to support parents and carers with a wide range of special offers and discounts specifically designed to help families.  With the cost of living on the rise, giving our  parents access to a wide range of special offers and discounts specifically designed to help make their money go further is at the heart of our goals.

Free Registration


Here at Early Learners we do not require a registration fee to secure your child's place  However, we do require a refundable deposit if you are wanting to acquire a funded or fee paying childcare place. The deposit is refunded after your child has completed one full month. Failure to start will result in a loss of deposit. 


We are delighted to welcome new families for a tour.  Simply complete your child's online registration forms and if applicable pay for your childcare fees in advance of your child starting.  Please refer to our terms and conditions


15% Full-time Discount

Effective from 1st September 2024, children attending full-time equivalent* can claim 15% discount which is applied to their monthly invoice.  This discount is only applied to nursery fees.  The discount cannot be applied to additional services or funded hours. 

*A full-time equivalent = a child that attends nursery 50 hours plus per week, Monday to Friday. 

This offer also enables your child to attend from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday all year round. 




10% off 2 children 

15% off 3 children 


Here at Early Learners Nurseries, we try to support our families who use our childcare services. If you already have a child at an Early Learners, we will offer reduced fees to support all parents with more than one child in our care. 

  • This sibling discount will be applied to the eldest child's fees. 

  • Siblings discount is only applied to your regular consistent weekly sessions. 

  • Siblings Discount is applied to our full daily rate, not the discounted rate. We do not double discount. 

  • Siblings discount is not applied to extra sessions or our Holiday Club services (unless stated). 

  • This is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discount. 

  • Please call your designated nursery for more details.  All other terms & conditions apply.

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