Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is the:

Early Years

Foundation Stage

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Quality of Education:

  • The Early years Foundation Stage provides the curriculum framework.  Our practitioners use this to decide what they intend children to learn and develop.

  • Our leaders and practitioners decide how to implement the curriculum so that children make progress in the seven areas of learning.

  • Our leaders and practitioners evaluate the impact of the curriculum by checking what children know and can do.


We believe it is essential that children who attend our settings are prepared for their future success. It is about giving children the best possible start to their early education. We use the curriculum to enhance the experience and opportunities available to children, particularly the most disadvantaged.  We support children from all different stages in life. 


We provide new experiences for children in state-of-the-art environments to help them learn and play. We believe what we do, through implementing the EYFS curriculum and with the interactions with practitioners, potentially makes all the difference for children. It is our role to help children experience the awe and wonder of the world in which they live, through the seven areas of learning.

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Learning outside the classroom
We are a member of the:
OUR Pedagogy

The Curiosity Approach


An enabling environment provides children with the space and resources to play, explore and learn. Our classroom environments embrace wide variety of continuous provision which covers the seven areas of learning and development.

A crucial aspect of Early Learners new long-term strategy is to create calm environments; neutral and natural spaces, accented with well thought out resources that are purposely placed to support and extend children’s learning.

Our workforce review and enhance play spaces regularly by reflecting on the children’s individual needs and their specific interests.  We allow children to exercise their creative and critical thought process, encourage discovery, collaboration, risk taking and movement.  Most importantly we provide children time to revel in the simplicities and delight of the everyday. 

Our desire is to empower and ignite passion and excitement in Early Childhood Educators. Giving our workforce the tools and knowledge to enable us to create a culture of curiosity, awe and wonder embedded at the heart of our setting.  Our practitioners reflect continuously on their environments, experiences and activities they create for the children and this enables our team to really question and reflect on the ‘why’. Our Managers challenge our teams to ensure that they are confident and knowledgeable that everything we do is purposeful with children’s learning and development at the heart of all of the decisions made.

Our Early Years pedagogy is made up of many things:

  • Development – Focusing on how and why children change in terms of their learning and development over time.

  • Behaviour – How a child’s experiences shape their behaviour.

  • Relationships – How children change and learn in relation to those around them.

  • Culture – How family life and culture impact learning and relationships.

  • Critique – Inviting you to challenge assumptions and issues around power, equality, and curriculum expectations.



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